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DIY Fly and Insect Destroyer, two simple ingredients.


Water and Dawn Original Dish Soap

It's a concoction that I've used for many things around the house. I'm a fan of simplicity.

A little goes a long way, I use it in mop water and to clean things around both the kitchen and bathroom. It's very sudsy so for multipurpose cleaning I do prefer my Lemon Magic Cleaner but this works in a pinch as well.

Quick, simple, and it does the job.

I happened to have a bottle of this lying around recently when my husband and I discovered that our house had been overwhelmed with flies!


My baby "sprinkle" was the day before and with 30 guests coming in and out...

Flies were inevitable.

I was surprised because they weren't where I was expecting. Over 20 of them just decided to make themselves at home to my sheer white curtains. It was bizarre. Anyway, they had to go.

Of course I tasked my husband to this job because I hate killing things. Even flies, ants, spiders whatever I don't like it.

He apparently googled "How to get rid of flies", he hasn't discovered the joys of Pinterest for anything other than tattoo designs....

He came across the advice that spraying the flies with Dawn and Water would make it hard to fly and they'd be easier to kill with the fly swatter. (I don't have his source, he said it was "one of those answers sites", yahoo maybe?)

So, conveniently I already had this Dawn and Water spray made that I had been using in the kitchen. He went after the flies expecting to slow them down, and before he knew it there were no survivors. Unfortunately not even the innocent spider that was helping us out with the fly removal. They dropped literally like flies.

My method for making this mixture isn't exactly scientific, I never put much thought into it before. The batch that has been destroying all of the bugs in my home contains quite a bit of soap. I don't know the ratio exactly but I think my rule of thumb for next time will be: enough Dawn that the mixture looks blue. It may not even "need" that much. The good news is that if you don't use enough you can just add more.


Mix water and Dawn Original (Blue) Dish Soap in a spray bottle until water is visibly blue. Spray flies....add more soap if needed to destroy insects. 

Note: The Soap I used was this concentrated version. I highly doubt it makes a difference expect maybe in the amount of soap you use.

Be careful when your on your bug killing spree that you stay aware of what you are spraying. Don't use this on anything that you wouldn't normally let get wet or put soap on. I don't wash my windows with Dawn, but cleaning up some soapy residue after the fact was worth it to me personally.

As far as frugal living is concerned this is clearly a very cheap solution. Water and dish soap, neither of which will cost you much. This recipe won't take anywhere near a whole bottle of soap.

I plan to try this out with some other soaps that are more eco-friendly and see if they work just as well. If they do I will be making the switch and updating this post! :)