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Natural Lemon Disinfectant Multipurpose Cleaner and....Flea deterrent!?


When our most recent grocery trip began with a bag full of lemons my husband looked at me like I was crazy.

What could we possibly need that many lemons for? Little did he know..wifey had been on Pinterest.

I originally purchased said lemons to try out this recipe.

The next day we discovered we had a flea issue.

Our dogs were scratching and the fleas were jumping on me….ew. I could not stand this another moment, and since we’re on a money diet month I really hated the idea of rushing to the vet and purchasing all of the required expensive treatments. So of course, Pinterest would help.

In my flea killing expedition, I found numerous recipes for flea deterrent that happened to look almost exactly like the above recipe for multi-purpose cleaner.

So internet... you are telling me that I can clean my house, make it smell awesome, and get rid of my flea problem with one magic mixture?

Of course, I had to try this out.

The original recipe I had found recommended leaving the lemons to sit for 2 weeks. I have no patience in life. Since the flea recipes didn’t state this I figured it would not hurt to try it out early.


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I modified the recipe I bit with other ingredients that also happen to be useful for both flea repellant and cleaning.



In a spray bottle (affiliate), I combined

2 lemons cut up 10 drops lemon essential oil (affiliate) 10 drops lavender essential oil

Fill the bottle with half white vinegar and half water.

For my first few batches, I included the entire lemon which worked well. Expect that the sprayer would occasionally get clogged with pulp. I found this pretty annoying and decided to change up the process a bit.


Now my lemon cutting process is this:

  1. Cut the end off of the lemon and place in the bottle.
  2. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon into a separate container.
  3. Use a knife, peeler, or lemon zester to remove the skin from the lemon. You can use just the zest, but I typically cut off as much skin as possible.
  4. Put the skin and juice in the spray bottle. Use the rest of the lemon to clean the garbage disposal.

The essential oils are optional

If you don’t have the essential oils (affiliate) readily available you can skip them. I think they pack an extra punch but I don’t think they are necessary to see benefits from this spray.

So I went right to work spraying lemony vinegar water all over everything.

Immediately I noticed a difference. The fleas were not jumping on me anymore. A few hours later I got that, “something is on me” feeling again and went through spraying. It’s been a couple days and I’ve been spraying once or twice a day and they seem to be gone! No chemicals at all and my husband hasn’t even gotten around to giving the dogs their very own NATURAL treatment yet. That’s happening tonight! :)

The best part of this lemon spray: it works on everything.

I’m cleaning my counters, my sinks, the shower, small floor messes, puppy accidents. I’m thinking I’ll also use it as a natural fabric refresher once it gets a bit more lemony.

I made my spray about 3 days ago and have been periodically topping it off with more vinegar and water.

At this point, it does smell much more lemony than it does vinegary, so that’s definitely a great thing. From what I understand the purpose behind letting the cleaner sit for weeks is that the lemon will take away the scent of the vinegar. I’m not a “fan” of the vinegar scent but it doesn’t drive me crazy either. There are probably anti-bacterial benefits of letting the lemons sit at well but since I don’t have a lab available to test germ-killing effectiveness; I’m not really sure.

I made up a second batch that I’m going to let sit the full time and see if there is any noticeable difference in cleaning.

Update: I noticed no difference except in the strength of the lemon smell.

I’m seriously in love with this stuff, this is truly a multi-purpose cleaner.

Super convenient and Natural!

Did I mention how much cheaper lemons and vinegar are than standard household cleaner (let alone flea spray)? Save money, avoid chemicals and get the job done.


Although I didn't encounter any problems using plastic for this particular recipe, I've recently started using glass bottles (affiliate) exclusively for this cleaner. I'm actually in the process of eliminating plastics from my home (almost) entirely. I ordered clear, blue, and amber colored glass spray bottles and have not looked back. They are higher quality, better for the environment, and simply look so much prettier. They can be very hard to find in stores but are available here on Amazon (affiliate).

I also ordered the small mister spray bottles (affiliate) to keep the mixture handy around the house. It's easier to have a bottle in every room this way.