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What To Do in the Last Week of Pregnancy: Last Minute Nesting Advice For Those of Us Who Really Don’t Want To


For many new moms nesting is a natural instinct. It’s just something that happens.

I remember it vividly with my first child.

I was literally a stereotype. I was crawling on the ground scrubbing every baseboard in my home.

Now that I’m expecting my second child that is just not happening.

For me and many other moms both new and experienced the last few weeks can be panic mode.

How on earth am I going to get everything done in time!?

Thankfully being a second time mom I have a better idea of what to expect.

I decided the only way this was going to get done was if I made a list of "nesting priorities" for this last week of pregnancy.

I have them listed as days but really if you are feeling ambitious you could knock a couple out at a time.

They are really just the things I feel need to be done before baby arrives listed from most to least important.

My number one priority concerning our house in the last few weeks of pregnancy was making sure that dishes and laundry are always done and put away.


The thought of coming home to dishes in the sink or dirty laundry with a newborn was enough to make me cry…


Day 1: Kitchen

Create a Home For Baby Supplies

The Kitchen doesn’t sound like the place for baby supplies but it is.

Before you bring baby home you’ll want to make sure you’ve found a place for all of the baby necessities that will live in the kitchen.

If your breastfeeding think pumping supplies like bottles, flanges, and storage bags. I know you probably won’t be pumping in the kitchen but these items will inevitably end up here when they need to be washed. You’ll really want them to have a home.

If your formula feeding you’ll want a place for bottles, extra nipples, and formula cans.

Don’t forget the bottle brush, some people love having a specific bottle drying rack but I never found it all that useful.

If you have a bottle warmer or a sanitizer find those a home too.

Day 2: Organize the Baby Clothes

Wash and organize the baby’s clothes.

I made the mistake of putting the clothes away by size BEFORE washing them.

I was thinking I would just take them out and wash them later.

Right now that sounds like so. much. work.

Trust me wash them before you put them in their place.

Update: When I finally did get around to finishing this list for myself I found this ridiculously difficult. It literally only took me 5 minutes to take all the tags off and put the clothes in the washer but it was a really really long 5 minutes.


You know that feeling when your doing something so simple but you are literally hating every second of it and all you want in the world is to give it up. That's literally how this felt for me. A feeling that I usually associate with a long workout.

 Pregnancy makes me lazy, and sleepy, and kind of mean...but

Guess what? It's done and now I don't have to feel that way while taking care of a newborn :D

Organize by Size

You won’t want to be searching for a onesie that actually fits in the middle of the night, or anytime with a newborn for that matter.

Have a Game Plan for Outgrown Clothes

This happens fast and when it does you’ll want there to be a place to put stuff they can’t wear anymore. Newborn onesies somehow mixed into your laundry when your baby is wearing 3 months is frustrating.

Believe me I’ve been there.

Don’t let them take up storage space in the baby’s dresser when they no longer fit.

A friend did this with a full size hamper in the baby's room. My son was already pretty grown up before I saw this genius method, why didn't I think of it!?

Having a little hamper (affiliate link) labeled outgrown next to babies stuff seems super convenient. Personally I’d use a smaller hamper or decorative basket so it’s not taking up as much space. Then I’ll just move stuff to storage or donate it every few months.

This way it’s out of her (or his) dresser and you don’t have to look at it all. the. time.

or somehow end up rewashing it 800 times like I seem to.

Day 3: Where Do Diapers Go? Realistically.

I know everyone plans that the baby will be changed on the changing table in the nursery and that is where everything goes. You are sure that walking to the nursery to change a diaper won’t be that big of a deal.

Trust me, it’s not always happening. Especially if the nursery is upstairs.

I’m sure you will sometimes use the cute changing table with the comfy pad and safety strap.

You will also use the couch, and the floor, and the edge of the bed, and anywhere else is convenient at the time.

At first you’ll use that cute little changing pad that came with your diaper bag. Eventually even that will lose it’s appeal.

Sometimes the convenience items we KNOW we need, end up being pretty inconvenient.

My advice is to have a diaper station at least on each floor of your home. I always kept some diapers in a cute little basket in the living room for daytime changes.

You will also want to have an idea of where dirty ones will be kept on each floor. Especially if you are cloth diapering. I use this wet bag for dirty diapers(affiliate link).

Don’t forget the wipes, your diaper stations will need them.


Day 4: Late Night Nursing Station

You probably already have an idea of where you’ll be feeding the baby. This may change after baby is here but you will want to be prepared anyway. Things you might need in the middle of the night to make feeding the baby more convenient.

Hair Tie, Chapstick, Bottle of Water, Dim night light, Snacks, Breast Pads (maybe, this will depend on your body. Good to have either way!) Lanolin or whatever other cream you may use.



Day 5: Get Your Own Routine Together

If things are a bit hectic right now in your own personal care routine (mine is a mess). You’ll definitely want to get prepared before baby arrives if you have any shot of maintaining your own appearance or comfort after baby is born. This is last on list because it’s not nearly as important than the others. BUT it’s good to see where you're at with supplies, are you running out of anything? You’ll also want your must have quick items organized. If your a makeup kind of girl you’ll want your essentials organized or you’ll have a really hard time using them in the first few weeks.

The easier you can make this routine the better. If you have to search for something in the newborn phase, your pretty likely to decide it just isn’t worth your time.

Having your clothing organized it also important, I practically lived in my husbands clothes in the postpartum phase because I couldn’t find ANYTHING. Definitely didn’t make me feel all that great about my postpartum appearance.


Day 6 and 7: Relax and Maintain the routine.

Keep everything organized and wait for baby to arrive. If nesting is kicking in for you, clean the baseboards or whatever else you feel you HAVE to do. Once these things are taken care off those other things can get done, or not it doesn’t really matter! Promise. :)