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My Day Off From Parenthood (Wasn't What I Expected)


Today I am 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

Ugh Also today my mom (aka my son's favorite person ever) took him to a local-ish amusement park for the day. As I’m about to embark on the journey of a mom of two, I’m sitting in an empty house.

There isn’t a three year old demanding a different type of food every 5 minutes, there are no cartoons in the background.

My husband is working and home renovations have ceased until he returns this afternoon.

There is nothingness.

The dogs aren’t even making a noise. I envisioned this being a day of productivity and bliss. I created myself a to-do list ten miles long and it’s actually getting done. So why am I so incredibly miserable on this wonderful wonderful day? I spent the last 18 months as a working mom and graduate student who literally had two hours a day to spend with her child and on her home.

I was a mess of busy, I would have killed for a day like today.

Instead I’m wishing there were a little boy here pulling me in every direction and insisting that we get in the pool for the 15th time today. Tomorrow my baby boy will be home and I will be begging him to give me five minutes to myself.

Within a week he will be a big brother and I will be wishing I could just take a nap.

I will be begging my mom to take him, probably to take them both. Today I enjoy one of my last days as the mother of one and he enjoys his last days as an only child.

I can’t wait to snuggle him tomorrow like we’re running out of time, because I can’t help but feel like we are.