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How I Spent My Due Date


What I Did On My Due Date (Spoiler: It wasn’t have a baby)

July 24th was my due date for baby number 2. It was also my mom’s anniversary with her late husband. That was supposed to be the day that I delivered my daughter and brought magic back into a day that had previously reminded my family of a great loss.

That’s not what happened.

Instead I:

  1. Cleaned under my bed
  2. Cleaned under my sons bed
  3. Had my husband move all the furniture
  4. Cleaned under all the furniture
  5. Set up two baby swings
  6. Set up a rock and play
  7. Argued with a four year old about weight limits on baby toys
  8. Forcibly removed a four year old from a bassinet
  9. Swept everything
  10. Vacuumed everything
  11. Removed ALL the clutter
  12. Complained that my husband clutters everything he touches
  13. Removed the clutter again
  14. Watched my four year old play on the playground
  15. Cleaned up random sticks from around the playground
  16. Cleaned the closet
  17. Swept again
  18. Vacuumed every crevice
  19. Mopped the entire house
  20. Finished all the laundry
  21. Reorganized the pantry
  22. Wrote an eight page paper for grad school
  23. Snuggled my first born

My due date was the most productive day I’ve had in a very long time.

I’d never felt more prepared to give birth than I did the next morning,

and then that didn’t happen either.

So I moved on to organizing the office. :)

Did you miss your due date? How did you spend the day?