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5 Things That Happened When I Missed My Due Date


No one, I mean no one wants to be "overdue". Of course no one every thinks it will happen to them.

I'm sure you are going to have your baby just a little early, but just in case you don't here's what happened to me when I missed my due date.

1. My Phone Rang Constantly

Every family member and friend felt the need to call me repeatedly throughout the day to make sure I wasn’t in labor. As if suddenly they had to know the moment it happened and couldn’t wait another second. I assured them all they would find out soon enough but they never stopped calling.


2. "When did this baby get so heavy"

Once I missed my due date, I felt like I could constantly feel the weight of my daughter holding me down. Maybe she dropped more around then, or maybe I was more aware because I wasn’t “supposed” to be pregnant anymore! Either way my body really really didn’t feel like mine at this point and it got worse daily.


3. Last Minute Things Were Actually Done

When my due date was approaching I had a detailed list of everything I “wanted” done before my due date. The most important things got done, and the minor things were overlooked. Being overdue gave me time to play the waiting game and perfect the little things. I had my hospital bag and my sons overnight bag already packed. Being overdue gave me the chance to include his present for baby sister, and his (waterproof, shockproof, and cheap) digital camera that he adores. He definitely inherited my love of photography. My house was so ridiculously clean by the time I went into labor that it made me particularly embarrassed of it’s normal state.


4. There Was So Much Pressure

I don’t just mean the heavy baby feeling we discussed earlier. I mean everyone wanted me to do something. So much unwanted advice. Go walk, go eat something hot, drink this weird concoction, have the midwife strip your membranes, have sex, nipple stimulation. It went on and on and the conversations became increasingly awkward. No one was willing to accept that my baby would come when she was ready.


5. I Relaxed and Stopped Rushing Things

My due date felt almost like a deadline. Even though I knew I could go over, I didn’t think I would. It felt like it was supposed to happen before then. I was constantly wondering when I would have her, is today the day!? Once I missed my due date I gave up. I resigned myself to the knowledge that clearly within the next two weeks or so I was going to have a baby. I wasn’t going to stay pregnant forever. Honestly what is two weeks in the scope of your life?

It’s nothing.

I accepted that even at the latest she would be here before I knew it.

I used this time to snuggle my first born, and mentally prepare myself for childbirth and my changing life.