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The New Baby Binder: Organization For Your Baby's Arrival


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Life comes with a lot of paperwork.

I'm a huge fan of organizing that paperwork with Binders. This means my office has SO many binders. I'm currently revamping some of my binder organization and plan write an entire series on my strategy and what goes where, but for today lets talk about the:

The New Baby Binder

We welcomed a new baby girl this week and there was a lot of paperwork. Life is hectic in these first few days.

Luckily in my pre-labor boredom I created the “New Baby Binder”.

The New Baby Binder starts out as a home for your hospital paperwork.

I kept it in my hospital bag so it would be ready to go when baby girl made her arrival.

I pre-stocked this binder (affiliate) with page protectors (affiliate) so adding to it at the hospital would be easy.

I was so happy to have this there. Previously I’ve been notorious for throwing things in a bag and ending up with a crumbled mess.

I’m ashamed to admit how many times I’ve had to present someone with a document that has some sort of stain on it, apple juice from my son, coffee from me.

You get the idea.

This binder kept my paperwork so neat and pretty I was proud to present them whenever requested :D

When I headed to the hospital my binder included:


Registration Paperwork

It’s pretty standard practice for the hospital to send home pre-registration paperwork earlier in the pregnancy. I had this filled out and ready to go in the front of the binder.


Birth Plan

I included three copies of my birth plan. I choose three in case I needed one for the midwife, one for the nurses, and one for my husband to show anyone if they weren’t following it. My birth plan was actually pretty unnecessary this time around because my midwife automatically followed most of the practices I wanted incorporated. (I will be sharing my birth plan and story on the blog soon! ). Still I was glad to have it there and ready.


Insurance Paperwork

I included copies of my insurance information (my insurance card was with me as well) and the half completed paperwork for baby girls insurance. The new baby's insurance information was not necessary for the hospital but I felt more secure having it. I was also able to complete the rest of the paperwork while still in the hospital, so it was nice that I had it there. The hospital stay of course generated a ton more paperwork for my binder.


When I left the hospital I had added:


Discharge papers

For both myself and my new baby. I needed to keep hers for a future doctors appointment so it was great to know exactly where they were. Things get lost when you have a new baby . I’m also sentimental about babies first anything so I want to keep these anyway.


“Birth Certificate”

This isn’t her actual birth certificate but sort of a “ceremonial” one that the hospital does here. I didn’t have one of these for my son so I’m sure the practice varies from hospital to hospital. I put this as her binders front page.

They didn’t give me her footprint or anything like that. If they had I would have put this in there too.


Hospital Bracelets

Mine, my husbands, and our daughters.


Crib Card

“I’m a girl” of course this needed to be kept with her weight and length and other info.


New Baby Hat

I put the first hat that she wore in a page protector. It was small enough to fit easily and I wanted to be sure that I had the actual first hat.


What I’ve added since:


The last picture of my pregnant belly. The New Baby's first picture.

Her foot print

We took her foot print on our own when we got home :)


What I plan to add:

A copy of her actual birth certificate

Lots more pictures

Maternity pictures Birth Pictures Newborn pictures


The baby binder isn’t “just” a paperwork organization binder.

It’s also kind of a scrap book.

I’m not a scrapbooker in general but when it comes to new babies everything is suddenly precious. This is all stuff I filed when my first was born and it just takes up space in an area where it is never actually “needed”. I’m definitely going to get his together into one of these as well. This is a multipurpose binder for sure, this isn’t something I’ll have to refer back to often. If ever.

But when I’m feeling nostalgic I can have all newborn stuff in one place.

Since I’m terrible at keeping up with traditional “baby books” this is a blessing.



How do you organize all of the paperwork that comes with a new baby?

Are you sentimental like me and choose to keep some of these items?

Let me know in the comments! :)