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5 Things That Happened When My Baby Turned Four


5 things that happened when my son turned four

We all know about the terrible two’s. They are into everything nothing at all is safe. It’s frustrating but forgivable because really they don’t know any better right?

& three...

Three has it’s own set of challenges, all of a sudden this little creature you created has their own opinions. What is that about?

What I was not prepared for was four...

My baby is growing up and I’m losing more and more control everyday.

Don’t get me wrong, I value independence in kids. I really believe in giving them structured decision making, even at this young age.

My son just turned four and the changes over the last month have been eye opening to say the least.


He suddenly thinks he can just do things.

I’ll start with this big big problem. In the last few weeks I’ve been hearing my sweet innocent child say things that I didn’t think he knew how. Such as: “Well I’m doing it anyway”, “Yes, I am”, “I’m going to right now”. Particularly concerning examples occur when I tell him we aren’t going in the pool yet today and his response is “Well I am” and heads to the door. What!? When did that happen?

When did he realize that he “technically” has the option to not listen?

This morning I asked him to make sure he put soap in to wash his hair. His response: "No, I'm not doing it", with the most matter of fact voice he could muster.

His realization that he is a person who has the ability to make decisions for himself (even if those are decisions that result in mommy consequences) is both horrifying and exciting. Needless to say my childproofing of the doors, windows, and pool area has been increased significantly.



Number 2: He can sort of take care of himself

The first time he came out of the bathroom without asking for me to help him, I wanted to cry. The mommy in me could not resist checking to make sure a good job had been done of course. I was shocked to find that yes, he is actually capable of using the bathroom all alone. Though I’m still going to be “checking” for awhile.

He is also fully capable of getting his own cheese sticks and applesauce from the fridge, and he is tirelessly working to master the juice box straw.

This kid even buckles his own car seat, which I will always double check.

Does he even need me anymore?! :'(


Number 3: His appetite has doubled

I don’t know if this is something that other four year olds are doing but I am amazed at how this kid can eat. We used to have a pretty predictable meal schedule but his 10 AM snack has become a 10 AM meal. He’s essentially eating two breakfasts. It’s the worst in the morning. I feel like I do nothing but cook for this kid some days.


Number 4: He is a social butterfly

He does not get this from me.

Everywhere we go he is actively searching for kids. He wants someone to play with constantly. When he finds another kid to play with mommy no longer exists for awhile, and getting him to leave is a challenge. He’s even approached people at parties to ask if they have any kids he can play with. He wants lots and lots of friends, and he wants to play with them all of the time.

His boldness makes me nervous, doesn’t he realize that could be a kidnapper he’s asking!?

Luckily and unfortunately I’m not a mom that can let him out of my site for even a second. He attended preschool last year and summertime is driving him crazy. He asks weekly if it’s September yet because he wants to go back to school, ride the bus and see all his friends.


Number 5: I realized that he is still my baby

Despite the frustrations of growing up, he is still my sweet boy. Snuggling with his mommy is one of his favorite activities. He still wants my kisses for boo boo’s. He still says he loves me constantly, and wants to be close to me. Even now as I type he has his little body wrapped around my arm as I attempt to type. He’s still my baby, even if he can’t wait to be a "grown up".


Did FOUR take you by surprise? Anything I missed?

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