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Why You Should Hire A Birth Photographer


Why I hired a Birth Photographer and Why You Should Too!

When I decided to hire a birth photographer every family member, friend, and acquaintance thought I was crazy.

Why would you want pictures of THAT?


The reality is that birth is beautiful.


It’s hard, it’s exhausting, it’s not glamorous, but it IS beautiful. I wanted to capture the moment that my daughter entered the world. I wanted to capture the first time I looked at her. The first time daddy held her, and big brother got to meet her.

These aren’t moments you can’t ever get back. I wanted them captured desperately. I wasn’t all that interested in the “gross” parts, but I wasn’t disgusted by them either.

All the images of my sons first few hours are terrible.

I looked terrible, and the cell phone pictures were grainy and dark. My husband and I truly regret not having a photographer capture those moments with him.

I wasn’t making that mistake again.

It was actually quite difficult to find a photographer in the area who specialized in birth photography, but I found one who was incredibly talented. Honestly, I didn’t quite know what to expect. How would I feel about having someone who was virtually a stranger present during my birth? The same photographer offered maternity photography as a part of the package so we had worked together just once before. Still, it wasn’t like we knew each other.

I’m a pretty modest person.

I don’t like to show I’m in pain at all and I don’t want to discuss or do anything embarrassing in front of a stranger. I was pretty sure I’d be embarrassed by this, but I decided to get over it. The memories would be worth it.

Leading up to my due date my birth photographer texted me frequently for updates. Making sure she wouldn’t miss our moment despite living over an hour from the hospital where I would be delivering. When I was overdue she contacted me everyday to check for progress. She was always super encouraging about my birth plan and I started getting a bit more comfortable sharing with her at this point.

“Birth” Day

The day I went into labor, (which I will share on the blog very soon) I texted her early in the day to let her know that I thought “today is the day”. I kept her updated throughout and she decided she would go shopping in a nearby town so that she’d be close if I decided to go into the hospital. That was a really really good idea.

When the photographer arrived at the hospital I had only been there 30 minutes, but I was already in pain. I was still keeping it together enough that I was refraining from doing or saying anything I would consider “embarrassing” at this point. I’m usually pretty good at keeping my “cool” when in agony. At this point I still was.

About an hour later, not so much.

I only barely noticed the click of her shutter through contractions. Trust me, someone clicking is the last thing you're worried about during contractions. She captured my husband's support without an interruption of the moment at all. When I needed her to be invisible she knew to be without me asking or doing anything to suggest it.


When you think about it, nurses are strangers.

The doctor is sometimes a stranger. There are going to be witnesses to your delivery.

I highly doubt you will notice or object their presence in this type of moment. One more witness is unlikely to have a negative impact on your birth experience. If that witness is a photographer you are awarded images of incredible moments. During my actual delivery, I truly forgot the photographer existed. I also can’t tell you how many nurses were in the room. I don’t know what my husband was doing. He could have left the room I doubt I would have really noticed in that moment.


In the moment of birth, it’s just you.

No one else matters..at all. There are so many parts of this moment that you miss. Thanks to my birth photographer I get to see the look on my husband's face when our daughter entered the world...and the look on mine.

I get to keep the moment that I felt barely present in my own body for.

The photographer captured these moments in a way that was beautiful. She didn’t portray me as the mess that I felt I was. The images reflected my strength, my relief, and my love for my child.

Memories are the most important thing in the world to me.

I do not for one moment regret my decision to hire a birth photographer, and I wish more people would stop and appreciate the value in them.

Birth is not ugly, it is not disgusting.

Birth is more beautiful than I ever knew and more beautiful than I ever would have known had I not allowed a birth photographer to preserve this precious time.

Did you have a photographer capture your birth experience? Let me know in the comments.

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