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The Minimalist Newborn: What to Buy for Your New Minimalist


Four years ago when I was pregnant with my first child I bought “all the things”.

Every newborn necessity filled our tiny apartment.

Rockers, Swings, Pack and Plays, Changing Pads, Bottle Sanitizers, Bottle Warmers, Bottle Drying Racks, “Organizers”, Baby Bath Tubs, the list goes on and on.

This time around I had more space, but less patience for clutter.

My "minimalist" journey has only just begun. I'm still far from the "simple life" as I slowly declutter our home and strive to STOP buying.

But...I think a new baby comes with a few required purchases.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, I am compensated for purchases made using these links. In the interest of full disclosure all affiliate links are marked in text. Unless otherwise stated these are all products that I love and use myself. Full disclosure and explanation here

When the time came to start shopping I decided to take a more minimalist approach and I am so happy I did.

You may find that even some of MY necessities, you can do without.

Out of every baby item that I purchased there are only a few that I use daily and feel are necessities for life with a newborn.




My newborns pretty much live in onesies. I had a few cute newborn outfits but really kept the clothes to a minimum for the newborn stage. I didn't expect my daughter to wear newborn clothes long enough to justify buying more than a few outfits. My son wore newborn clothes for a week and I had a ton.

This time, I had 7 newborn outfits, and she ended up wearing newborn size for well over a month...frustrating. Still, I'm glad I only bought a few because if  I found I absolutely needed more I could always run to the mall. I'd rather not have enough and buy more than waste money buying more than I would need.

I've had two summer babies so there will be more clothing needs if you have a winter baby. Just keep in mind, things are washable and you don't know how big your newborn will be. Newborn clothes may NEVER fit. Buy less now, and add more later if you need to.



I absolutely adore these things (affiliate). They were actually a last minute purchase when I went shopping after my last OB appointment. The convenience of late night diaper changes make these things an essential for me. I almost never put her to bed without one on. I started out with just two and loved them so much I went back and bought two more. They fit 0-6 months so hopefully, we get lots of use out of them. My daughter is a pretty little baby so far, so I think they will be well worth it.



Even in the summer baby feet get cold! I kept socks on them at all times, especially when wearing a onesie or a gown. You will want quite a few pairs of socks because they are tiny and you will lose them. They disappear daily in this house.




Boppy (or other breastfeeding pillow)

I would not go without a Boppy (affiliate). I already had two of these (and a travel one for the car…so much for minimalism right?) with my son. I didn’t need to purchase these this time around but did get a cute new cover (affiliate) for my girl.

They make breastfeeding positioning much easier, and I will let her lay on it while SUPERVISED.

I also use them to set my laptop on and I’ll admit the occasional plate of food…. 😃

These things are essentials in my house even without a baby. Love them.


Diaper Bag

I received a diaper bag for my baby shower. It was just a standard diaper bag with a flowery print that you will get to read more about in another post.

It did the job and I was perfectly happy with saving money and using it as my only bag.

After our first time taking both children shopping I realized I needed a diaper bag that turned into a backpack.

Babywearing is super convenient, but carrying a diaper bag, holding a four-year-old hand, and babywearing...not so much.

When my daughter was a month old I broke down and ordered this one. I am so in love with this bag it's borderline creepy. I can't stop looking at it. It's so soft and just amazing. It makes me want 10 more babies.

Seriously. I am obsessed.



Obviously right? I cloth diaper , but either way...You will need diapers. Some parents only cloth diaper after the newborn stage, I choose to cloth diaper from day one this time around. If you use disposables I always think it's a good idea to build a diaper stash before baby is born so that you have them ready and they don't become a huge financial burden. But, just like the clothes I would take it easy on the smaller sizes. Babies grow fast!


Wet Bag

I recommend at least one of these (affiliate) whether you cloth diaper or not. I had never even heard of them until I discovered cloth but they are useful for anyone. Anyone with a newborn should keep this in the diaper bag for when the inevitable happens and baby clothes get yuck, or when your clothes do.

After the kids are older these are useful for traveling with liquids too.


Receiving Blankets

These are the ultimate baby multi-tasker. They are my burp clothes, quick changing area, blankets, and occasionally a diaper stuffer (desperate times when mommy is unprepared). I would recommend at least 5 of these.


Warm Blanket

Even for my summer babies, you need a warm blankie. I bought three of these for my baby girl. My favorite, a warm crochet blankie from Etsy, and a super warm one that I'm sure will get lots of use in the fall.


Baby Carrier

For the newborn stage, I prefer a wrap. I choose this one (affiliate) for baby number two.

Most SSC (Soft Structured Carriers) can't even hold a newborn without a special insert, this one (affiliate) is an exception that I have heard wonderful things about and can hold newborns.

I did end up ordering one of these when she was a month old and they introduced an Organic Cotton version in a gorgeous light green. It hasn't arrived quite yet.

I'm typically more of an SSC lover, but there is something about the wraps with a newborn that I adore.


Big Ticket Items


Car Seat

You can't even leave the hospital without one of these. This is the one (affiliate) I chose and it's ridiculously comfy, my four-year-old tries to sit in it whenever I'm not looking.


Crib (or bassinet)

I don’t feel that you need a basinet if you have a crib, although many people do buy both. Most cribs can be raised and can be used from day one.

I did choose to purchase a Halo sleeper (affiliate) this time because I thought that maybe she would be wiling to sleep in it sometimes.

I coslept with my son and am co-sleeping again. It wasn't my intention the first time, and the second time around I hoped that she would take to the bassinet for some of the night.

It didn’t happen.

The bassinet ends up being used for when I need to put her down to do something in the bedroom or run to the bathroom. I do really like the sleeper and would recommend it but if you already have a crib I don’t think this is necessary.



I know this doesn’t sound like a necessity but in my life it is. Where would I put the baby during the daytime to nap or just hang out while I do other things?

I babywear around the house a lot, but occasionaly I would like to set her down!

She loves her swing and when she’s fussy and just not having anything else, it does the trick.

It does a great job of keeping her calm and happy during naptime and awake time between feedings.

I have the older version of this one (affiliate) from when big brother was a baby. The upgrade was tempting but the version I have is still working perfectly.



You may have noticed I left a stroller off of my list this time around. There is a good reason for this.

  1. I wanted high quality and couldn’t really justify the price tag for a travel set for a few months of use. I knew I’d end up getting a nice umbrella type of stroller (I’m planning this one)(affiliate) around 6 months and I have a nice BOB Jogging stroller already (affiliate).  We couldn’t justify $800 for the travel set I had in mind. Instead, I bought the high-quality car seat alone. This was the stroller I wanted….so so badly (affiliate). I couldn’t afford it, so I skipped the stroller entirely. I'll admit I still click the amazon link occasionally to stare at it :/

2. Between the car seat and the baby carrier, I had everything covered. When I go grocery shopping I always set the baby carrier IN the cart. NOT on the handlebar IN the actual cart, sometimes my husband has to get a second cart, that's fine by me. If I go somewhere like the mall or a smaller store, or a walk around the neighborhood I use my wrap. I don’t have to carry a big stroller in my car or navigate it around small stores at the mall. I don’t plan on any really long walks or theme park trips in the first few months so I know this combination will be fine until I buy the G-Luxe at 6 months.

That's it! That was everything I purchased for my newborn. Honestly, I don't miss any of the gadgets that I had last time around. None of it has been neccessary. Life is much easier with LESS!


Any new baby necessities I missed?

Any baby items you can't live without?

Let Me Know In the Comments

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