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Your Baby's Hospital Bag: Packing for the Hospital


Last week I talked about what I brought in my hospital bag for baby number two.


My hospital bag wasn't the only thing I brought to the hospital, I also brought a baby bag.


The baby bag didn't have as much in it as mine. So this will be a bit shorter than what I normally post.

After all, do babies need THAT much in the first couple days?

No, they don't. Most of what they need (if not all of it) is usually already provided by the hospital.


Honestly, there is only one thing on this list that you actually need to bring with you when your baby is born. 

Most of what I brought was already provided by the hospital but I was glad to have it anyway.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, I am compensated for purchases made using these links. In the interest of full disclosure all affiliate links are marked in text. Unless otherwise stated these are all products that I love and use myself. Full disclosure and explanation here

My diaper bag included:

  1. Baby Blankets

I brought a couple of cute receiving blankets for her first few hours. The hospital I was in wasn't willing to let parents bring baby blankets home. As tempting as it was to take them anyway, I'm a rule follower.

What can I say? I'm not a rebel.

So I brought a couple of our own so that the blankets that wrapped my baby in her first hours would be ones that I could keep forever. Plus, they were way cuter than the hospital ones.


2. Going home outfit

I brought myself two options because I'm indecisive. I made my husband pick which she would go home in.

This is one of those things that doesn't matter as much as I like to think.

I'm sentimental and wanted a cute outfit that will end up in a tote, or maybe even a shadowbox somewhere.

I wanted to remember it. 

3. Car Seat

This wasn't IN the bag, but do not forget this. You can't go home without it!

I chose this one (affiliate) for baby number two. It's stylish, it's "European", and so squishy and comfy I want to rest my head on it and take a nap. It also has great reviews and safety ratings. I highly recommend it (affiliate).

This is the only thing you actually need to bring to the hospital for your baby.

4. Diapers

I brought a diaper (affiliate) because we use cloth.

Otherwise, you would not need diapers at all. The hospital provides them.

We used the hospitals the majority of the time there but she went home in cloth (affiliate) and never looked back.

5. Boppy Pillow (or something similar)

Not everyone loves these things like I do, and some may argue they are totally unnecessary.

I personally would not go without one.

When my first was born I could not figure out breastfeeding positioning and the nurses weren't explaining it well to me. In retrospect, my initial latch issues were due to positioning.

This time, I brought the poppy (affiliate) to the hospital with me and used it from her very first latch.

I don't NEED it to nurse, but it sure makes nursing easier.

I already had a couple of these from when my son was a baby and believe it or not they were never put away. I always had them around the house. They make excellent laptop holders when I'm relaxing on the couch. They are also comfy travel pillows, mini body pillows, you name it. Boppy's are well used in my home.

They make excellent laptop holders when I'm relaxing on the couch. They are also comfy travel pillows, mini body pillows, you name it. They are well used in my home.

When my baby girl came along I did spend $10 on an extra cover (affiliate) because I wanted something adorable for my girl.


6. Moccasins (or other baby shoes)

This really is optional, but I just could not wait to put on her Freshly Picked Moc's (affiliate) as soon as possible. I had a little baby so they were a bit big. They looked adorable nonetheless.

That was it, my hospital diaper bag.

Pretty simple right? Baby's really don't need much at first. Lots of snuggles and love will pretty much do it those first few days.

What do you recommend? What is your hospital diaper bag must have?

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