T.G.I. Naptime
Personal Growth for your little moment of peace



TGI Naptime is growing and changing.

This website has grown so much in the last two years. So have I.

It started as a crunchy “mommy blog'“. We talked about pregnancy, cloth diapering, grad school. Honestly, everything. It’s been my life in text. A wonderful, hopefully helpful, jumbled mess.

I’ve taken some time away for the last six months, while I get my life together and figure out…

what’s next?

It’s been a personal development journey and it’s changed me.

I began thinking, how can I HELP. How can I actually truly help moms.

Then I realized, this journey I’ve been on. It had purpose. I HAVE purpose, with and beyond motherhood.

TGI Naptime is about making the most of Naptime. & we can all use a little growth.

So the new focus of TGI Naptime is……..drumroll please….

Personal Development, for moms who THINK they don’t have time.

It’s about continuing to grow, and finding you among the chaos.

Fitting moments of growth amongst the daily noise.

I am excited to share what I’ve learned and continue to grow with YOU and our littles along the way.

MotherhoodMiranda Rohe