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Because of you I didn't give up...

Because of you I didn’t give up. 

As a mom, entrepreneur, and as a person. 

My goal is to inspire. 


To inspire you to create your best life. 

Inspire my children to reach any goal they can imagine. 

and to inspire those who are struggling to continue forward on their own paths. 


I hope to inspire you on this journey, and every one of you inspires me. 


Your stories of success and of bouncing back from perceived failures. 

They are motivation, they are amazing. 



To my fellow grad moms: because of you I didn’t give up. 

You have the best excuse possible to put your education on hold, but you don’t.

You know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is very bright.

You are doing this for you, and for your children.

Not only are you fulfilling your dreams, but you are teaching your children about the importance of fulfilling theirs.

You are teaching them that they are capable of overcoming barriers and succeeding, whatever life brings.


To my mom-e-o’s: because of you I didn’t give up. 

Don’t you have enough to do?

You are juggling so much.

Venturing into the unknown, creating a business.

You are basically making another baby, and we all know that is no walk in the park.

This is huge.

I am constantly amazed at the feats accomplished by moms on a mission.

Thank you for bringing your value into the world for the rest of us to see.

You are awesome. 


To my children: because of you I didn’t give up. 

There is no greater motivation than you.

Sometimes I feel like I’m failing you.

Like I should be spending all of my hours just staring at you and sharing in your wonder of the world.


Your unconditional love and admiration keeps me centered, grounded, alive.

I know that whether I make us billionaires, or sit on the couch shame eating Oreos you will love me.

There is such power in that acceptance. 

You don’t expect perfection, but you think I’m perfect.

 Everything I do comes back to you.

 I take care of me, so I can be better for you.

 I will never give up on graduate school, so that you will always understand the value of investing in your education.

 I am building my business, because you have showed me how important my passions are. How important they are to me, to you, and to the world.

 I will provide for you financially with my business, teach you the value of hard work, and the importance ofhelping others succeed. 

You will watch me walk across the stage to receive my masters degree, and knowing my passion for continued education, my Doctorate as well.

 You will look at pictures of us on graduation day. 

Me in my cap and gown holding both of you proudly. 

We are doing this together.

 Everything has more meaning because your existence. 


Thank you for every moment of joy and inspiration you bring to my life. 

Grad Mom, MOM-E-OMiranda Rohe