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Four Reasons Mom Entrepreneurs Suck at Self-Care

I may be a little biased but I pretty much think mompreneurs rock. 

We’re pretty awesome. 


Building and running a business, creating and keeping children ALIVE. 

Phew, it’s hard work. 

We need Self-Care, we deserve self-care, but for most of us: it’s on the back burner. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are reasons for this. Totally legit, valid excuses.


1. Time is NEVER free

When you are an entrepreneur you are very aware of the value of your time. You may have even broken it down into your required hourly wage. I mean everyone knows that’s the foundation of a solid pricing structure right?

Suddenly, that value is haunting you. This can be a real motivator to stay on task. After all; a 3 hour Netflix binge sounds awfully expensive doesn’t it?

But what about that 30 minutes of YOU time in the morning that you’ve been hoping to get in? That has a cost too, so does your 10 minute meditation or hour long yoga class. 


2. There is always SOMETHING to do

This isn’t your standard nine to five. There is no punching the clock and going home to real life. Your business IS your real life. It is integrated into your day in a way that can be very hard to separate. 

You never run out of things to do, sure you can get ahead (maybe).

Still, there is always something on the other side waiting. A new project, next weeks meeting prep, batch work you can get done in advance. There is always something. 


3. Your kids NEED you. 

In my opinion the most legit excuse of all. 

Remember when you dreamed of working from home?

Spending time with your children, being present in their lives, being the mom you’ve always wanted to be. How’s that working out? The WAHM reality is that so many of us spend the day on our laptops. We avoided or ditched the 9-5 so we could be WITH our children, and I guess we are doing that: technically. 

Many of us are just as distant and busier than ever. There is not enough time in the day. When we create that time, our children are our priority. They need us, and when we have the opportunity to give them the attention and love that they need. We do, and we should. 

But, because time is so limited. We feel we need to make the choice between nurturing our kids, and nurturing ourselves. 

We know how important self-care is but the immediate needs of our children are always going to win this battle. 

Great news: you don’t have to pick. The Naptime Academy signature course Mindful Mommy and Me can show you how to make Mom Life and Self-Care work together. 


4. It feels selfish

Let’s say you take that 10 minutes. Meanwhile your child wants you to color with them or the dishes are piled up in the sink. You have a webinar to attend that you KNOW your business needs.

You take that time for you anyway, because you need this. 

It’s hard to justify isn’t it? It’s hard to justify that time for JUST you, when your kids need you, your house is a mess and you feel like you’re failing at it all. 

That’s why you need it. 

Because life. 

When you don’t take the time to take care of yourself and recharge, that is when we fail at mom life

That is when we find ourselves in a nightmare mama spiral, wondering how we got here and why we though this whole parenthood thing was a good idea. There is NO mom that can handle the stress of motherhood, let alone entrepreneurship without taking time for themselves (or having a couple breakdowns) in the process.

Self-Care isn’t even about you.

When the chores are out of control, your kids are going crazy, and your partner is just as busy as you are.

Stress is inevitable. 

When we’re stressed that stress tends to create more stress. Suddenly we’re in a spiral, yelling at our kids, praying for Naptime and accomplishing: nothing. 

Self-Care can stop the spiral, and make those moments that have you fighting back stress tears, Less frequent. 

Find something that works for you, teach healthy habits to your children, and rock your mom life. 

Your family, and your business will thank you. 


P.S. I'm an affirmation fan, and just in case there is just a bit more work to be done to convince you that self-care deserves a better position on the priority list; I've created a few printables for the resource library. You can find them below, and of course you'll gain access to all of the other TGI Naptime Subscriber Freebies in the library.

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