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Working at Home with VIP KID

I'm often asked by moms who have yet to enter WAHM LIFE,  How do you find these jobs?


Today I want to share with you a work-at-home opportunity that has changed my life.

When I decided to stay-at-home I knew I didn't want: 

1. Direct Sales and MLM Opportunities

2. A super techy job

Entrepreneurship was my first (and current) leap, but that's also not for everyone. 


Introducing VIP KID!

VIP KID is an online learning platform where "North American Teachers" Teach English to Chinese children. VIP KID has allowed me to supplement my families income with an additional $1600-$2000 EVERY MONTH. The possibilities are much higher if you are willing to work more than I am. 

That's enough money that I can officially justify not getting a "brick and mortar" job while my business continues to grow. 


1. Must hold a Bachelors Degree

 My B.S. is Political Science and Psychology. I am also an M.S.W. (NOT A TEACHER). You do not need a degree in education. 


2. Must have teaching experience

For me, this includes homeschooling my Kindergartener and substituting at my local high school. 


3. Must pass a series of nerve-racking interviews. 

This part was unpleasant for me. We will go over all the details in future posts. 


That's it :) Congrats you're a VIP KID teacher. 



Payment for VIP KID teachers is calculated by the class. Base pay starts between $7-$9 per 25-minute class depending on your performance during the interview. 

You can also receive an extra $1 per class for being on time. 

AND another $1 per class for teaching over 45 classes in a month. 

With my very average base pay of $8 per class, I have ALWAYS made $10 per class.

($20/50 minutes) 



Here is the catch. Classes are held in Beijing Time. I'm lucky to live on the east coast and teach 5:00-8:00 AM,  6 days a week. I sometimes add an hour in the morning if I'd like to earn more that month. 

If you live on the west coast, that's 2:00-5:00 AM. Yikes. 

For some the hours are a negative but I LOVE that I can literally be DONE for the day before my toddler even wakes up. 



This is where EVERYONE's experience varies. I will detail the different paths in future posts but for now, let's say this. 

I've been fully booked since week 3. 

I've met teachers on day 100 with 2 bookings TOTAL. 

Many are sick of waiting by then and quit. 

There are factors involved. We'll talk about those later. 


Want to learn more here's my referral link



Yes, VIP KID does pay me for successful referrals. Which means I'm here to help! Your success is my success. If you sign up with my link, I will be there to walk you through the process. 


This is the first of a series of posts regarding opportunities with VIP KID!









Miranda Rohe