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I don't know what I want to be when I grow up...

Dear fellow Entrepreneurs, 

We are awesome. We’re innovative, creative, hardworking, and seriously skilled. Go us! 

Too bad we can’t figure out what the eff we want to do with our lives.

Are you with me on this?

There are SO many ideas, so many things I could be doing. Things that could make me a killing. 

Am I doing them!? YEAH! for a few months until I think up the next BIG thing. 

We know the importance of persistence, perseverance, and time. We’re not always super patient, but we do KNOW. 

So why is it? We develop THE perfect thing and then: 


A) It flops because OUR perfect might not be a fit for our target market


B) We start to see results, get bored and bail. 


So, how do we design a life that we adore, a business that we don’t fire ourselves from, and actually reach our potential?

Honestly, I don’t really know. That’s why I’m writing this today. I’ve decided to STOP taking coaching clients.

At least for today, because honestly: I’m not sure how I WANT to help them. 

I just know that I want to and I can. 


Since I love a good strategy here’s the game plan: 

  1. "Read" Pat Lynn’s "Will It Fly" on Audible

I’ve just started this book and can already tell, I need this. 

If you don’t already use Audible I highly recommend it, you can download and your first 2 (?) books free here. Plus, Pat Flynn belongs in Audio. He even goes off script a bit, so this is a no-brainer. 


2. Put it out into the Universe, and to you. 

Hey Universe, this is what I’m waiting for:

Ideal Client: Female “heart-centered” entrepreneur. She’s passionate about social causes, her business may even advance social issues (social entrepreneurship!) She’s either well educated or highly experienced in her field (grad students and former corporate professionals?). She deals with everyday struggles surrounding stress, parenting, and self-care. She is in the early stages of her business or non-profit endeavor. She has a sense of humor and is fun to talk to 😃 and it’s definitely a plus if she’s into the “woo woo” law of attraction, meditation, etc. 


Okay, so get the picture?

I want to help her with…SOMETHING. 

Something related to creating the life she wants and making her goals reality. 


Here are my skills: 

I’m an MSW (Master of Social Work) so….


Stress Management


Positive Parenting

I’ve consulted in the NPO industry and have built a rural non-profit…




Capacity Building 

Cause Marketing

Grant Writing


I’m also a manifesting machine if I do say so myself, and very “empathetic" 😃 




is my original love. 

This was my first successful business. 

I have no idea what to do with this in the online space, and it doesn’t really mix with my other skill set. 


Whew….that was a lot. Anyone else overwhelmed by the CHOICES? There are 8 billion or so directions to go in. 


So today I’m announcing my hiatus, I’m going to take the rest of this summer off from accepting clients. I’ll still blog a bit and schedule a few chats.

Primarily I’m going to spend time being creative in my photography, and waiting patiently for my email inbox to fill with YOUR responses. 

 & then I'm going to build the business that fills my soul, genuinely helps others and makes ALL of my crazy dreams come true.


So tell me? What do you need?

What need do you have that I can help with?

What pain point do you need addressed? 

What’s bothering you the most right now?



It would be immensely helpful if you would email me or comment your responses below 😀 

Miranda Rohe