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In 2017 I will THRIVE....

I feel like I’m a few years late to the party on this one. 

The word of the year.

A word that becomes your mantra, a word that you live by.

A word that defines how the coming year will be for you. 


When I first stumbled upon the concept I was immediately intrigued. Having lived by Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning for the last three months I had developed a love for all things motivational. Affirmations were the slowest to resonate with me, but I found them effective. 

Tip: I actually got The Miracle Morning for Free with an Audible Trial. I was able to listen to the whole thing while playing with my kids. After my two free books, I totally fell in love and am now an Audible addict. 

I was instantly sure that having a word as a sort of constant affirmation, would be impactful. 

I took a moment and thought about it and My first instinct was thrive. I decided to dig a little deeper but kept coming back to THRIVE. 


My definition of thriving is excelling and basically rocking everything. 

Which is in fact what I want to do.

I want to do everything awesome, who doesn’t? I also have a passion for helping others thrive so I found it fitting. 


I had set my word aside and moved to other things for a few days when I came across the concept of “Malas”.

I am not expert on Malas and shouldn’t really be the one to explain them, I encourage you to research them for yourself if you are interested. Basically, a Mala is a meditation tool. Used in meditative practice to help focus your intention.

It’s very yogi, but so am I. 

Again I am no expert but I would describe it as similar to a Rosary for a yogi. 

For more info on Malas you can check out the link below. 

What are Mala Beads?

Anyway, I was looking for a Mala which you are supposed to begin picking intuitively. Seeing which one stands out to you. As I’m browsing I find this gorgeous blue/green Mala. It caught my eye as I’m scanning the page and to my surprise: Thrive. 

That pretty much sold me, on both the Mala and the word. 

Still, not wanting to pick my word lightly I looked up the “formal” definition. 

According to Merriam Webster:

Definition of Thrive

  1. 1:  to grow vigorously :  flourish

  2. 2:  to gain in wealth or possessions :  prosper

  3. 3:  to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances —often used with on <thrives on conflict>


    The word became even more perfect. 


    2017 will be a year of growth, in my business, my personal life, and some wealth well yeah that would be nice too. 


    However, number three is probably the most relevant. 


    In 2017 I will Thrive on stress. 

    That sounds pretty counterintuitive.


    Aren’t you trying to reduce stress, increase quality of life, etc?


    I’m being realistic by acknowledging that stress is a pretty huge component of my life right now. 

    I’m a graduate student, entrepreneur, and mom of two…

     I will be thriving on stress because I will be successful despite stressful circumstances. 


    I will thrive while raising two young children. 

    I will thrive while finishing graduate school. 

    I will thrive while building my business. 

    I will thrive while losing baby weight. 

    I will thrive while BUSY. 


    I will thrive. 


    Not simply succeeding but achieving success beyond what others imagine for you. 

    Taking excuses and turning them in to motivation. 

    My children and my education are both valid excuses BY THEMSELVES of why my business goals are unachievable. 


    But after graduate school, if I do not have a business I will have a job. That will be a pretty awesome excuse too. 

    & what about when the kids are grown. I’m not sure I’ll have much interest in my topic at that point. 


    There will always be excuses. I will thrive on those barriers. 


    2017 will be MY year, the year it all comes together, bigger than I ever imagined. 


    I will THRIVE. 


    What’s your word for 2017?



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Miranda Rohe