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Two kids are enough

With the entrance of my daughter this summer we became the million dollar family.

or so i'm told. 

One boy, One girl.

Perfect right?

When you have a boy and a girl, people around you feel the need to tell you: “You can be ‘done’ now". 

As wonderful as it is to have permission….

I don’t think I want to be. 

I grew up in this “perfect” family, my mom did as well. 

Three generations strong. 

Know what we have?

Small Christmas dinners. 


My husband growing up in a family of 6, felt the pains of what he considered “too many kids”.

So there’s a bit of a disagreement in my house about when or whether baby number three will arrive. 

In some ways I have to agree.

 There are some pretty awesome things about having two children. 


1. It’s easy to make each of them feel entirely special.

They need and care about different things. It’s easy to separate and differentiate and make both of them feel like the center of the world. I’m pretty sure this gets harder as they grow.

She is the most special girl and he is the most special boy. We get to cherish his boy moments and love of trains, and her little ballet shoes. We get to do both ONCE, and that is special. 

I get to look at both of my children and tell them that they are the most beautiful little girl or boy in the world.

There is no additional little boy or girl to offend. I have a favorite boy and a favorite girl. Super simple. This is a phrase I use a lot, I’m honestly not sure how I wold adjust if I couldn’t say it anymore. It may not seem like a big deal, but it kind of is to me. 

2. They are super close

Yes she’s still a baby, but I’m counting on that NOT changing alright?

There are no third wheel circumstances. There is also less fighting over toys because my son views his sister in a protective non-competitive way. They aren’t actually in competition with one another, we can have one on one girls days or mommy son dates. Same goes for my husbands one on one time with them. Less competition is a good thing. 

3. One looks like me, one looks like daddy

Like twins. No joke, my son is my clone. I can’t find a feature that is daddy in him. My daughter…I would question whether or not I gave birth to her had they not handed her to me immediately. She is all daddy. Adding a baby number three might complicate the mommy v. daddy tally 😃 & we’re both sore winners 😃 


4. We aren’t outnumbered. 

I get one, he gets one. Usually…., sometimes I get two… #momlife. 

Overwhelm can be managed by calling in some parental backup. Bedtime is simplified, so are mealtimes. We can also each handle them both at once. More kids might not be doable, I mean one on three.... :’( 


5. They fit in my car. 

No mini-van for me yet. Both kids still fit in my little crossover, it’s still a “mom car” but I’m good with it. I love my care, I don’t want to replace it any time soon. Plus I hate driving big vehicles, I actually kind of hate driving but thats a whole different point.

 I could get a smaller car and still fit them. No worrying about a third row. 

Yes, I’m living the life. 

I see why so many people stop here, I mean it’s a pretty great set up. 

As a super busy mom working from home... I'm not sure I can handle a baby number three. I mean, this is a LOT of work. Do I have time to add one more little human yelling mommy at me 22 hours a day. No, no I don't

But, I've always promised myself that I would not let my career rule my life. My family is priority, and some day when I'm 90 they will have made the memories I cherish. 


So....I’m not ready to never be pregnant again. Never give birth or breastfeed or change diapers. I’m not ready to be done. I am not cool with never feeling another little baby kick in my belly. Or never meet my baby for the first time again. I’m just not. 

No promises that this is forever, but I think we’ll stay this way for awhile. 

Check back in 5 years 😃 

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