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Self-Care is not just about you...

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Moms are notoriously terrible at self-care. 

just putting it out there. 

Something about taking care of a tiny human seems to make us forget that we are also humans. There are a lot of reasons for this:

We’re too busy. We have other priorities. We’re exhausted. It feels like work. 

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Here’s the thing:

this isn’t about you. 

“Isn’t that the point of self-care, isn’t it supposed to be about me?”. 

There is so much more to it than that. 


Self-care is about the parent you want to be. 

This is actually about your kids, and your family as a whole. I can promise you that if you are not practicing self care, you are not being the best parent you can be. Your happiness will, without a doubt increase your ability to parent. 

Would you rather be:

The mom who takes a few minutes each day for herself, depriving her child of attention for a few moments, but approaches her day with positivity. 


The mom who loses her temper repeatedly because her kids aren’t behaving perfectly and she just can’t deal. 

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The answer is obvious. 

1. Self-Care takes time and gives productivity.

2. Self-Care can be a bonding experience.

3. You are teaching your children a life-changing habit. 

Think about the last time you lost it with your kids. I know you have. Let’s be honest with ourselves here, we aren’t mommy robots. What were the circumstances? Was there something you needed to finish? Somewhere you needed to be? Were you overwhelmed?Stressed out?

As a parent, especially as a parent who is working from home: It is easy to get overwhelmed and to have too many things to do and try to multitask everything and get nothing done and continue a cycle of stress and yelling and more stress and worse yelling until it turns into one of those days that you can’t wait to have ANYONE else take care of the children.

Geez, even typing that felt overwhelming. 

So maybe daddy gets home and mommy hides in her room for the rest of the night. 

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By incorporating daily habits with your children that: 

Build your relationship

Teach Healthy habits

AND reduce mom's stress. 

You can build your routine WITH your children rather than around them. 

Okay, okay, but... how?

Well, I could write a whole course on that.. In fact I am:

It will be available April 15th, 2017. 

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but don’t worry in the meantime here are a few ideas of Self-care that your children can take part in: 


Every morning I do yoga while my six-month-old sits next to me in her swing. I interact with her while doing my yoga. If she isn’t sleeping of course. Then when the four-year-old wakes up he begins his morning routine which includes a 15-30 minute kids yoga. If I haven’t gotten a chance to do my own yoga that morning, I do it with him…and make silly faces at the baby 😛 


( I use Headspace individually and with my four-year-old daily) Again, meditation is part of my individual morning practice and my son's morning routine. Headspace has a kids section with short meditations that are very kid friendly. My active preschooler doesn’t always sit still the entire time but I encourage him to stay focused, it calms him down and gives mama a much needed couple of minutes of quiet. 


Snuggles are totally self care. They are awesome. Committing to a few minutes of snuggle time with no TV or phone. Definitely time well spent. 

Dance parties

You’ll learn much more about these in the Self-Care with kids course. The four-year old and I have a DAILY dance party. They are much needed fun and silliness that we can do anywhere. In the car, at home, at a friends house, etc. 


Self-care is anything that recharges your batteries and replenishes your soul. 

If it leaves you feeling worse than before you started, it’s not self-care. At least not for you. 2 hours of Netflix is self-care for some moms. Not me, it makes me feel crappy and unproductive for the rest of the day. 

Maybe yoga leaves you feeling bored, maybe you’d rather be doing cardio? Do it, do what gives you energy, peace, happiness…whatever your day might be missing. 

Let's recap: 1. self-care takes time and makes the rest of the time mean more. You are investing time to make the rest of your time productive. 2.Self-care can be a bonding experience with your kids. 

and finally, what may be the most important of all

Reason Number 3: 

You are teaching your children a habit that will change their lives. 

The entire path of their lives can be impacted by their knowledge of how to take care of themselves.

They will be better equipped to handle whatever their lives may bring. Success will be closer for them.


This is a major investment in their future. 

The struggles you face because of a lack of self-care, they will never have to. 

You are teaching them the tools they need, you are making self-care a normal part of their lives. Something they won’t even have to think about, it will be a complete non-issue. That is huge. As they continue their practice into adulthood, their children will benefit as well. 

people who practice self-care and self-development are more successful. 

They achieve more, they are happier, they are better to be around, and they are more effective parents. 


This is not about you. 

It’s about the parent you want to be, who your children are and will become, and even the kids that your children will raise. 

When made a priority; habits like this could continue for generations and help even your grandkids achieve greatness

When you put it that way, it doesn’t sound so selfish does it?

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Ready to learn more? Introducing: Mindful Mommy and Me: Self-Care That Shapes Futures

A full length course to teach you how you can change your children's futures by making self-care a part of your family's EVERY DAY. 

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