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The gift I want to buy everyone for Christmas


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The Christmas Present I want to buy everyone on my list.

I mean it…everyone. 


Myself, my kids, my husband, my mom, my grandparents, and my friends. 


I love these so much I want everyone to have them. 


What could be so wonderful that they make everyone happy?

Tegu Blocks. 

Before I lose you hear me out, these things are so entertaining.


We fight over them in my family so much that I am buying the classroom set "for my son” for Christmas. 

I can’t play with them in front of my children, or my husband for risk they will want a turn. 

Whenever someone comes over it’s the first thing I make them see. 

Just like a kid who got a new toy, “Have you seen my blocks yet?!” 

If I can’t find them because someone else in my home used them last, I go on a unstoppable search like a mad-mom. 

Every single time, the guest can’t put them down either. 

They are that fun. 

I am actually gifting them to 5 people on my list this year. 

They can be used as a kid's toy (clearly), desk toy, stress buster, and probably 50 other things. 

They are perfect for travel, especially this set

Planes, restertaunts, car, diaper bag, etc. 


What are Tegu Blocks?

Tegu Blocks are magnetic wooden blocks that are sourced from Sustainable forests in Honduras. They are made with socially responsible practices and everyone earns a living wage. 

That’s their first win in my book. 

Honestly, that’s about it. They are magnetic wooden blocks. 


So what makes Tegu blocks so fun?

I’m not sure I can even tell you. 

There is something about these blocks. 

The perfect strength of the magnets and the satisfying click they make when they come together. 

The beautiful design allowing the wood grain to come through just enough. 

The Social Impact of a company who cares about the world that we live in. 

I’m just not sure what THE “thing” is about them. 

What I can tell you is that I’ve never seen my son take so strongly to a simple toy. 



Last Christmas in the beginning of my pursuit for a simpler life, I purchased a wooden train set and wooden blocks. 

I wanted to foster his imagination. 

It took months for him to care about the train set and see it’s potential. 

He will occasionally call me in to check out a “masterpiece”; his very accurate words. 

Still, not the entertainment I hoped it would be. 

The block set sits untouched most of the time, unless I ask him specifically to play with them. 

Those blocks are also pretty awesome, they just go unappreciated by their owner. 


Tegu is different. 

He played with them for FIVE hours on day one, and never asked for TV or a different toy. 

He’s played with them at least two hours throughout the day every day since. 

It’s been almost a month, and he’s never gotten bored. 


More importantly

The level of creativity that comes from this play is extraordinary. 

In the first few hours they were diving boards, snowmobiles, jet ski’s, cars, people, monsters, dinosaurs, and “laser” security systems. 

 A Bear- (the four-year-old)
 A dog- (the four-year-old)
 A zombie/monster- (the four-year-old around Halloween)

The possibilities are endless. There is something about them that brings out imagination that I’ve never seen, and can’t entirely explain. 

Nevertheless, the appeal is there. 

I can’t sit near them without playing with them. 

I have my own set that I use as a desk toy. 

They reduce my stress and anxiety when I have to make an important phone call or meet with a new client. 

I love them and I can’t say it enough. 

 My creations are more abstract- Brooke

I read so much hype about these I had to try them but I didn’t want to spend more money on blocks my kid never used.

I ordered this set first to try them out, and never looked back. 

If you want to read more about this wonderful company and the products they offer you can find their website here

If you’d like to order some of your own you can find them on Amazon here and here

So who wants to buy ME the Tegu Classroom Set, or even better the ULTIMATE BUILDER SET for Christmas? 


There are many options on Amazon and of course you can have the benefit of Prime shipping. If you aren’t already a member of Amazon Prime there is truly nothing I recommend more. Being a frequent Amazon customer It is hands down the best value for my money I ever spend.  

You can start a 30 day free trial and fall in/become an Amazon addict yourself. 

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 A dinosaur- (the four-year-old)

What's mommy's favorite kid's toy in your house?

Miranda Rohe