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The investment that I refuse to skip...

This post contains affiliate links, I earn a commission from purchases made from these links. I promise will never link to a product that I do not use myself. I know how crazy life can get, I hope these links can help make your life easier!

Business means investment. You have to give a little.

I’ve never been one to shy away from a financial investment I believed in.

Money can become an issue, but I believe sometimes you have to take a risk and make it work. 

The risk in this investment is pretty minimal. 

This isn’t a huge investment financially, but it is recurring. 


I will never skip it. 


It’s an investment I have yet to use, and may never. 

It’s an investment that may prove unnecessary. 

It’s also an investment that could prove essential. 

What is it?

Owning my name. 


The investment I will always make, whether or not I see return. Is owning my own name. 


I feel this is incredibly important for any business owner.

Particularly considering the changing financial world, even owners of ground businesses need to prepare their own PERSONAL brand, for what the future could potentially bring. 

I don’t mean own your brand name. 


Of course, own your brand names. 

I own TGI Naptime. That's a brand name.

 Still, I own thebrookecole.com . 

That's owning my name, owning my personal brand. ME as a brand. 

You’ll notice that as of this writing that link leads to nothing, but I own it. 


Sidenote: your name WITHOUT the “the” is preferable but apparently my name is common, I would recommend looking into the process of buying the domain if it isn’t in use but I haven’t brought myself to that level of investment….yet. The moment I can make it work, I will own that too. 


You need a domain that represents YOU as a brand. 


You are going to change.

You need a home online that links all others. 


I also own a photography blog I hope to someday launch. 

When that occurs, thebrookecole.com will be my home where my readers can learn about me as a person and all that I offer online. All of my brands will meet at my personal webpage. They will all lead to me.


I need to own myself, because often in the online business world, you become your brand.

OWN that before you even need to. 


Luckily it’s easy, and will take you literally minutes.

The financial investment is rather minuscule as well. 

With Bluehost (Affiliate), for $11 a year, I’m able to secure my name if I ever need it in the future.

Think about that, $11 a year; to guarantee that I own MYSELF as a brand.

If you can secure your name you don’t have to worry about buying it from someone else someday. 

If you do not already own a website & pay a hosting service. The cost increases a bit. 

In this case the investment is closer to $100 a year, still rather small in the scheme of your business. 

Don't let someone beat you to your own name.

You will thank yourself when you don't have to pay the outrageous prices that come with fighting for a domain that is already owned. 


So how do you go about this?

If you are already hosting another site, it's as simple as buying a domain and adding it to that account.

Log on to wherever you host. It will differ depending on your service but the process is rather simple overall. 


If you do not own your own website I highly recommend Bluehost

It's so easy to start out!

If you are new to Bluehost they currently offer a free domain when you sign up for their web hosting service.

I use Bluehost for my domain needs and also recommend their hosting. 

I’ve hosted numerous domains with Bluehost and have been very happy with their service.

Signing up is simple, and I will be creating a full tutorial soon!


For around $100 a year, you can own your name and build your website.

This is an investment worth making, whether or not you ever use it.

You may be very glad you did. 


Worst case scenario you spend $100 a year on your business.

Best case: you save thousands of dollars and own your brand without competition. 


My advice, if you have some spare time (ha, like any of us have that).

Build a website at that address.

Link to it in your “About me” in your blog or business site or wherever.


Let it sit, whatever you prefer. 


Just own it

….it’s your name after all. 

MOM-E-OMiranda Rohe