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Waterfall Meditation: Multitasking Self-Care

Waterfall Meditation


Self-care is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and for your family. 

It needs to be a priority, like eating or watching HGTV....

you may not have time for it, but you still do it.


I’m busy...Self-care isn’t always easy to fit in my day. 

It can be moved to the back burner, and left for later. 


This means that mom stays stressed and productivity stays low. 

I’m thinking most of you can relate. 


As a mental health professional, I’m a huge advocate for self-care in general. I find meditation to be particularly effective. For me, a good meditation session has similar effect as a massage. Those few minutes of absolute peace and serenity both during and after.

I still go for my monthly massage (I'm seriously considering making this a bi-weekly habit) but meditation is much cheaper..and quicker. 

But, sometimes it’s just not possible to take time just for you. 


When we’re having a particularly busy day and just can’t set aside that extra time for us, two of my favorite things combine. 

Mediation and Multi-tasking. 

Sidenote: I’m actually working on multi-tasking LESS, in general, so I can give my all to things that matter…but


This multi-tasking is extra nice. 

Even if you aren’t able to justify taking 10 minutes to yourself in your busy life, you’re probably able to justify a shower every day...most days...okay sometimes

That’s why “Waterfall Meditation” is such a wonderful technique to learn. 


It’s named “Waterfall Meditation” because it just sounds like a vacation. 

and we all need one of those. 


Waterfall Meditation, Shower Meditation, Water Meditation, Mind/Body Cleansing. This same technique can be called many many things and it is highly customizable. 

I recommend doing this every time you take a shower. 

That way it’s a built in self-care routine that you are much more likely to maintain. 

You don’t have to make extra time for it, and there are no tools required, just you and the water. 


Waterfall Meditation

While taking a shower

Imagine that all of your stress and anxiety is washing away.

Visualize the water washing it all away.

Really see it in your mind.

Fear, sadness, anger, depression, regret...

All negative feelings going down the drain.



Watch them go down the drain and feel the weight of it all washing off of you. 


Focus on the feeling of the water on your skin.


Feel the sensations your body is feeling.

The heat or cool of the water, the sensation of the water pressure on your skin. 

Be in the moment and enjoy the experience. 


That's it. Simple but effective.

Waterfall Meditation

As an extra step, I like to “assign” a color to individual feelings. It can be particularly therapeutic to identify those feelings.

It's important not to get too in-depth with feeling identification.

The goal is not to examine our feelings. We're not trying to figure out why they are there.

We are simply acknowledging their existence.

For me fear is purple, sadness is blue, anger is red, depression is black, regret is yellow, and anxiety is orange.

I start the entire process by really thinking for a moment what feelings I’m having and then I begin to visualize them being washed away. 

You don’t have to use those colors or colors at all.

However, if you're up for it this extra step can really put your feelings into perspective and allow you to visualize these feelings and let them go. 

If you’d like you can envision yourself under a waterfall, washing all of this negativity away. Being mindful of bodily sensations, but dreamy in your space. 

Or you can be perfectly present in the moment, where you are, and what’s around you. 

Try it each way and see what works for you.

You can do this every time you shower, or just when you feel you need to let go of some stress. 

Doing this everyday is incredibly therapeutic.

It can be as complicated or as simple as you want, as short or as long. 

This is an incredibly customizable process, and everyone's ideal won’t be the same.

This is all about you, what works for you, and what you want in your life. 


Do you have time for daily self-care? I'd love to hear about your routine! Share your mommy self-care secrets in the comments.

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