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What is a Mom-E-O anyway?

No, we aren’t talking about a new kind of cereal. 


This is about you.

The Mom Executive Officer. 

Maybe you call yourself a momprenuer, a mom boss, a business woman or simply an entrepreneur (Why bother to add a gender identifier am I right?)


As a Mom-E-O you are not only a momprenuer. 

And you are not a soloprenuer. 


I do not advocate the soloprenuer business model.

In my opinion the only way for a soloprenuer to succeed is to run themselves into the ground. 

Their work in some areas may excel but others will end up mediocre. 

You are not mediocre. 


A Mom-E-O, is an executive officer.

You are the boss, you are managing your business. 

Building it forming it, not doing it all, but making sure it is all done


You may have more than one role in your company, but you know how to delegate. 

You are in control, but you know when to let go (just a little). 


Why be a Mom-E-O?

Yes, you can do anything, but you can’t do everything…at least not all at once.

You can build a mind-blowingly successful business. 

You can have the best branding, the best content, the most active following, all of it. 

If, you are hiring those who are passionate about their subject. 


You are not the best, not at all of these things. 

and you are definitely not passionate about every one. 


So you’re the best writer ever.

You create some amazing content that has your audience captivated. You’re awesome. 


If you are capable of such greatness, why are you wasting five hours in photoshop or illustrator trying to figure out this whole logo thing?

Why are you spending 10 hours a week, trying to create engagement on social media?


What if those hours were spent creating more content?

What would the difference look like in your business?


What if you spent those hours with your family?

What would the difference be in your quality of life?



The mistake all of us make. 


Most of us started our business as soloprenuers. 

I mean, it makes sense. 


The majority of moms looking to create businesses don’t have the means to start hiring employees on day one. 

In reality, I think this stage is necessary. 


We are going to grow. 

My business looked much different when I first decided to turn to blogging to share my passions. 

Some of my original focus can still be seen here on TGI Naptime. 

It was all about natural parenting, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, green living. Okay, it was about everything. 

Things I still love, but they don’t inspire passionate writing. 

Not for me.


This stage was required for me to realize what my true expertise actually was and what value I could bring to the world. 

If I had formed a team on day one, I would have spent a lot of money promoting a business that would not have been a good fit in the long term. 


There is much behind the scenes work and soul searching that must be done before we make the leap from momprenuer to Mom-E-O. 


You need to not only be passionate, but feel certain that this is something for which you can give a unique perspective.


Don’t go where the crowd is going, go where your life is going. 

I still love baby wearing, but there are other bloggers who have a true passion. They buy all the carriers and do the reviews and can talk about them for hours. That is just is not my passion.


Make sure you know, you. 


This February I will be releasing the Mom Life Assessment that can help you with this if you are unsure and need a little guidance. 


I also offer Mom Life Success Coaching.  


The mistake

is not realizing when you’ve reached your limit. 

When you know where you want to be, but you are still spending too much time on tasks you are not built for. 

I spent months, going over the tedious process of Social Media Marketing. 

As someone who doesn’t even enjoy much social media in my personal life, this was killer. 

I found myself on Pinterest looking at recipes and bathroom renovation ideas, not relevant for my business. 

I needed to hire a social media manager 6 months before I actually decided to. 


Invest in your business

You will not become a successful entrepreneur if you put only time into your business.

Money must be involved. 

This isn’t what anyone wants to hear but it’s true. 

Training, experts, software, you need the things


You don’t need to go all out, especially not in the beginning. 

But small investments can create big payments. 


If the cash is an issue, start small. 

Pick the smallest packages, hire for fewer hours, or for some extra good Karma hire those who are just starting out in their fields. 


Specialization is key. Be the expert, not the jack of all trades. 


The transition from solo Momprenuer to Mom-E-O will transform your business. 

If you’re thinking it might be time to make the switch, you’ve already waited too long. 


Learn to delegate strategically because

you do not need to do this alone. 



MOM-E-OMiranda Rohe