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What to do when your day is spiraling...

Let me tell you about my day...

This morning I woke up and decided it was the day to get it together. 


This house was a disaster, it needed my love and attention.

I have a lot of other things going on, but today I found enough space in my schedule

Time to clean the house, not just clean: go crazy cleaning lady on it

So I did, I had an awesome super productive morning. 

Laundry away, cluttered table clear, living room….dare I say spotless?


I was feeling alright, things were going well. There was still a lot to do, but it was time to get my son in the shower for pre-kindergarten. 

So as he’s showering, I’m just sitting her listening to a business podcast.

Cleaning, getting motivated. Feeling great.

I start to hear rain..loud. 

It’s raining outside so I’m not too concerned.

Then I realize it sounds…different. 


The downstairs bathroom is raining. 

The walls and the ceiling are dripping water. 

This is bad. 


I rush upstairs to find that the shower drain clogged and overflowed. 

There were two inches of water on the floor. 

I have a momentary breakdown, called my husband, realized he was too far away.

I had to fix it…and despite panic: I figured it out. 

So now that’s over, great we’re running late for school. 

The baby is crying because she woke up from her nap at the worst time possible and I couldn’t tend to her immediately. 


I grab the mail on the way out to discover I huge unexpected bill, and a smaller more annoying one. 

We head to school, I get there. 

An old man cuts me off and takes my parking spot. He isn’t even going to the school. Irritating. 

I find a tiny spot to get my husbands big truck into. 

Squeeze my way out of the truck and unbuckle the four-year-old. 

Did I mention it’s raining?

I’m stressed at this point. 

I put the baby next to me, and go to shut the door. 

The door hits the car seat and rocks her just enough to make her really angry. 

I panic, make sure she’s okay, and look around hoping no one saw that mom fail. 


We cross the street I look both ways. 

The four-year-old freaks out because I didn’t stop to let him look both ways and throws a fit in the crosswalk. He needs to get to bed earlier at night…cranky

I drop him off and leave the school. 


I may only live 5 minutes from school yet I still take the wrong route home and end up hitting a mini traffic jam.

At this point I realize:

This day is spiraling.

I need to get this under control. 

Especially since today I still need to: 

-Call a new contact regarding an awesome opportunity. 

-Finish cleaning

-Take care of my three-month-old. 

Even with my day off from grad school and my business, life is hectic. 

I knew in that moment, I had to break out the secret weapon. 


If you don’t already meditate you probably think this sounds ridiculous. 

I did, but meditation has changed my life. I have no doubt about that. 

Normally this kind of day would send me into an absolute spiral of stress and anxiety. I would not have recovered until at least the next day. 

Meditation has taught me to think differently...

I plan to elaborate on this in a future post. 


When I got home, I decided. I’m going to eat while the baby is calm for a moment, feed her, and then I’m going to take ten minutes and get some Headspace

Disclaimer: Headspace does not currently have an affiliate program and I am not being reimbursed for the recommendation. I simply love the app.

Headspace is the app I use for meditation and I highly recommend it. Since the first week, I have recommended it to everyone I know. 

Stressed? Download headspace

Anxious? Headspace

Sad? Headspace

Ambivalent? Headspace

Busy? Headspace

Everything’s going great? Headspace 


I think you can get great results from meditation or deep breathing no matter how you approach it. 



Other Apps. 

Lot’s of options here. 


I use headspace because I really need someone to tell me what to focus on when I’m meditating. 

If not, I drift. Majorly. 


I use headspace over other apps because it’s the first one I downloaded and I fell in love. 

I haven’t found the need to try anything else.

For the last month, I’ve developed a daily meditation practice that has changed my life in general, but meditation is never more important than when things are getting out of your control. 


We all have these moments of overwhelm maybe even of panic.

Where we are so stuck in thinking and analyzing and reacting that we can’t just be. 

Bringing the awareness to ourselves, letting ourselves feel those feelings, letting go. It makes a major difference. 

So next time your freaking out, get some headspace. 


But what if you don’t have your phone on you?

Don’t want to download headspace?

When you realize you're starting to spiral, things are getting out of control:


Breathe and Focus.


Take 3 deep breaths, in through the nose out through the mouth. 

Count slowly as you breathe in. 

Count again as you breathe out, your out breath should last about twice as long as your in breath. 

I count slowly to 3 on my in breath and slowly to 6 on my out breath. 

Focus on counting, focus on breathing. 

Continue to breathe deeper than usual, but begin to focus on feeling the sensations of your body. 

The contact between your feet and the floor. Your legs in the chair.

The weight of your body.

Focus on that. 

Feel what your body is feeling. Identify any areas of comfort or discomfort, any tightness, tension. 

Just identify it…really feel your current physical reality. 

Doing this alone should help your mindset to shift, and your emotions to stabilize. 

It is a quick mini meditation.

I don’t feel that a mini-meditation will provide the full benefits of meditation but can help you to calm in a moment of panic.

It can help you bring yourself back into your reality and regain a sense of control. 

For me using an app is the most effective way to meditate, but once you begin your meditative practice you will find which method works best for you. Maybe you’ll even find meditation isn’t your thing. 

Self-Care is about finding what works for you. 

Give it a try, you may be surprised by the results. 

You can get some Headspace here...

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