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Let's Get Coffee

Wanna grab some coffee?

When you are a work at home mom, There is nothing quite like a coffee date to recenter, recharge, and prepare you to take on whatever is next. 

There is something magical in an outsiders perspective.

Someone who can be real with you and see what you are just too close to notice. 

Who has nothing to do with the situation, is free from bias and able to be an objective voice in your life. 

You probably know how rare that is.

Even your closest friends will always have their own reasoning, because they are likely impacted by your decisions on some level. 

That isn't what this is. 

A coffee date with me is more like a meeting with your therapist.

Except, I am NOT your therapist. 

There is no diagnosis, no treatment plan, no trying to figure out what is wrong. 

Just empathetic communication, collaboration, and support. 

These meetings are about you.

Whether you need to vent, set goals, or problem solve. 

I am here for you


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