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Naptime is work time. 

You've got a lot going on. You live for your kids, but you still have your own future to build. Your to-do list is massive

How do we do it all? How do we reach our goals and still be the parents our children deserve?

Is it even possible to thrive during this balancing act?

Yes, it is. 


TGI Naptime is for you 

The mom whose dreams are bigger than her doubts, and whose determination can overcome all barriers. 


I'm Brooke 

graduate student, entrepreneur, work-at-home mom

After years of struggle, stress, and overwhelm I finally realized: 

You cannot build your castle on a swamp.

I built a solid foundation of Self-Care, Parenting , and Social Support

& I'm never going back. 

Let's get to work

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time to thrive. 

Mindful Mommy & me: Self-care that shapes futures

The full-length course on how to incorporate your children into your self-care routine. Take care of yourself, bond with your children, and teach them long-term healthy habits. 

Coming soon

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