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Hey There! I'm Miranda

& I never expected to be a work at home mom.

I never thought I'd want to. I fully expected to be working in a big-city office. I would spend my four hours of free-time with my two kids and equally busy husband. In 2012 I had 7/8 of a Bachelor's degree and a beautiful baby boy. Not long after I began my MSW baby #2 decided to make an entrance. I was officially a grad mom, and it was brutal. I loved/hated every second. I tried the whole corporate thing, and felt immediately like I was missing EVERYTHING. With my Master's in hand I started my own business, in corporate social work consulting. I was dedicated to fulfill my purpose part time and also be the mom I never planned to be. Here I am balancing business, and mommy hood like a pro. Failing daily, and getting back up always. 


Loves: Veranda Blonde Coffee, Apple Products, Alexa, To-do lists, meditation, yoga, and many other predictable stereotypes. 

Hates: Leaving the house with BOTH children and no help :'( , Scary Movies, committing to anything more than 24 hours in advance. 


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My semi-curated REAL life.