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You LOVE what you do.

So much that you could work ALL day and be perfectly content. 

You thrive in your work.

But, wait didn't you choose this entrepreneur life so you could be home with your kids?

Hiding behind your laptop while they watch tv and ask for snacks wasn't exactly what you envisioned. 

Have you ever said "Give Mommy 5 minutes", & only got around to them 20 minutes later when a tantrum erupted?

Or found your preschooler making his own chocolate milk?

Building a business is hard work, and it's easy to get caught up, distracted, and disconnected. 

You're overwhelmed trying to do everything right and you feel guilty. You're nurturing your business but are you short-changing your kids and yourself.

But you don't have time to spare. 

You can't squeeze one more thing into your day, so that whole "self-care" thing, "It's not going to work". A routine? Forget it. 

We need to talk. 

I've been right where you are. I threw myself into my business, for a lot of reasons but mostly because I was good at it. 

It felt good to spend my time being amazing at my job. 

I was not amazing at motherhood. Motherhood made me feel like a failure, and before I knew it I was disconnected and unhappy in my relationship with my own children. My children were attention hungry, and they began acting out. I tried the routine, the quality time, the vacations. Everything was temporary, and felt shallow. 

I needed to find myself as a mom, bring my kids into my life, and truly connect with them. 

My job is to help my clients fit nurturing connection into their everyday.

Rather than ask them to make time, I help my clients use the time they already have. 

I help them stop wasting time stressed, unproductive, and worried about their children. They spend less time disciplining because their kids feel valued and connected, despite mom's busy schedule. 


1:1 Coaching will look a little different for everyone. You and your family will have your own unique circumstances, beliefs, and feelings.

All coaching programs begin with a One Hour Strategy Session. 

In the one hour strategy session...

you and I will discuss your successes and challenges. We will identify areas that need improvement, and discuss the strengths your family already possesses. You will walk away from this session with a strategic plan to totally reinvent your family's everyday reality. At minimum, you're plan will include:

Self-care Strategy

We will work through a plan to bring family self-care into your life. We will develop either a routine or "trigger" system depending on your unique personality and needs. 

Parenting Tweaks

Simple changes in the way you interact with your children to make everyones life a lot easier :)

Affirmation List

Having identified some of those "blocks" we talked about, you'll walk away with a list of affirmations to help you kiss those pesky limiting beliefs bye bye. 

You'll receive a PDF Printable copy of this plan to remind you of your specific next steps. 

During the strategy session we'll talk about what's next for your journey. Depending on where you are in your journey, you may have the opportunity to join the 1:1 coaching program. 


In the 1:1 Program...

you will meet with me for one hour every week. The length of the program will be based on your goals and circumstances. However to give you enough time to truly develop a habit change: the minimum length is 8 weeks. Like the initial strategy sessions we will start where you are and address the problems you are facing today. Then we will take your strategic plan and go over each actionable step in detail, adding whatever we need to along the way. We will work through the real challenges that arise, and identify and eliminate the mindset blocks that are holding you back from success. This program is designed for moms who need accountability, inspiration, thought provoking discussion and weekly reminders of exactly why they are doing this. You will have consistent support, advice, and encouragement. If you've tried to make big changes before, only to go back to "normal" before you even knew it, this program is for you.


"Did we just become best friends?" 

Before we dive in, let's chat! The most life changing, earth shattering, magic results come from those relationships that just work. I want to make sure I'm the BEST person to help you before you invest. 

That's why every client must begin with a 15 minute Clarity Call. 

Find a time that works below and we can get started! 

I work only with Highly Driven and Successful Overwhelmed Moms who are looking to reconnect with themselves and their children

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